Top 5 Dell laptops of all time

I have been an avid user of dell laptops for the past 15 years and over that time I have owned approximately 10 dell laptops as well as having access to numerous other models through work and acquaintances.  Below is my all time top 5 favorite.

Number 5 – Dell XPS M1330
Coming in at number 5 is the XPS 1330. The 1330 was well ahead of its time in style and performance. It boasted a state of the art 13.3” LED screen which at the time was one of the best about.  Its bench mark score was second to none.  Although it had a smaller screen, its dedicated graphics card meant it was ideal for playing games.

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Number 4 – Dell Inspiron 6400
The only Inspiron to make this top 5. The 6400 was one of the more attractive dells. It had beautiful curved corners and an attractive silver lid. It also featured a nice 15.6” widescreen lcd. It was primarily aimed at the consumer market but it did make its way into many companies such as its popularity.

Number 3 – Dell Latitude C610
The C610 was one of the best performing dell laptops they have ever made.  These were used in large corporations due to their excellent reliability. It also proved to be extremely easy to upgrade or replace parts on the c610 cementing its popularity.  The c610 ran best under windows xp or windows 2000. The c610 wasn’t particularly stylish but its durability has made it number 3 in my all time list.

Number 2 – Dell Latitude E6400
The wonderful E6400 is my current dell laptop. It combines style with durability and reliability. Running a core 2 duo processor and up to 8GB memory, this fantastic machine really comes to life when you install a SDD hard drive in it. 5 second boot, even quicker shutdown. It runs amazingly well on the impressive windows 7 operating system. If couples with a docking station it is possible to run this laptop with a dual monitor set up. This laptop was not far off the top spot.

Number 1 – Dell Latitude D600
Easily one of the best laptops of all time never mind the best dell laptop of all time. The dell d600 was revolutionary in design the d600 was the first laptop to move away from the dull, matt navy finish that many dell users had become used too. It had wonderful silver plastics with beautiful curved edges. That doesn’t sound too special now but at the time it was very much so. This coupled up with the now renowned reliability of the latitude series this made this laptop the number one choice for both general consumers and large corporations through the world. Such the popularity of this laptop, the D600 is still available to purchased refurbished now from such companies like the cheap laptop company.

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